What is VIRA?

VIRA is a global communications digital platform and interactive system that functions as an information distribution system for the development, placement and transfer of innovative ideas and solutions, new technologies and new materials from all areas of science, technology and practice.

VIRA includes a broad and global database that digitally distributes business information about innovations, ideas and general accomplishments in state-of-the-art technology. During the further development phase of VIRE, we will form alliances with additional IT manufacturers and suppliers who can complement our line of services.


The platform, based on the blockchain, the cloud and the technology of artificial intelligence, enables the transfer of information, innovation, research, achievements and projects in real-time, providing intellectual protection. The user becomes globally visible and open to access to all interested parties, so that further progress can be made. Vira enables accelerating progress in science and technology development, including the possibility of extreme changes in practical application in all areas of life. One of the benefits of VIRE is that it works on the ID code principle so that every user is equal to the investor. This way, the system does not affect the racial or geographical background of the user. Unfortunately, many investors miss out on prospective investments because they make decisions based on origin. VIRA will be an online community of equal participants who communicate through the personal information system.

Business routing

Researching information

Develop product information


Creating virtual teams that work and work in the same and similar areas of work