Innovation is life!

EU parliament Strasbourg

"Misionaries that Shaped Europe"
You heard about Tesla, Penkala, Ružićka, Rimac,... they are all part of huge changes in world´s history and are part of this special exhibition in Eu Parliament this April. Again, our inventor mr. Inga Kovacic SIndik is part of something big. Her work is also recognized and now is standing next to this great inventors in history. You can read more at link
Innovation is life!

Splitski cvit - " Flower of Split"

Nomination for Splitski Cvit"
Splitski cvit is local award invented to recognize and reward women who gave something more to its community. One of them is our own innovator mrs.Inga Kovacic Sindik who was recognized by her own local community. She definitely serves as one of the role models to next generations of women entrepreneurs.
Innovation is life!

Nigth of museums in Split!

Great night in town!"
We are very proud to announce that we had a chance to participate in this great manifestation in cooperation with Croatian Chamber of commerce. We represented our product iTherapy and iTherapy technology to broad public. Younger visitors had the most fun!
Innovation is life!

The best in Europe!

Again! Great results from exhibiton IENA in Nurenberg!
Our innovator Inga Kovacic Sindik with her iTherapy tehcnology has received an award for the best female innovator in Europe! This was the first time in history that such awrd was given!
Innovation is life!

Great results at innovation expo in Geneva!

Our product iTherapy received a bronze medal for innovation in its category! Also we received a special award by King Abdul Aziz from Saudi Arabia for distribution in air filtering.
Innovation is life!


WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Investors, partners, distributors who will help us get this awesome product out o the world!
By becoming our partner you are getting a chance to become a part of something extraordinary! Help us and we can all benefit from it. If interested please contact our financial department who will provide you with all information and documentation needed. mail:
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Innovation is life!

Crystal Idea

The company was founded with the mission of research, development and application of advanced and alternative technologies for the purpose of preserving water, air and the environment, innovative products are created to enable the harmony between ecology and industry.

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