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With a professional team that brings together over 25 years of experience in the field of environmental technology development, we are creating new opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce the consequences arising from them. Every day, with our research and work, we participate in the development of technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of each resident and develop solutions to the burning problems of air pollution in cities and urban areas.

iTherapy prociscivacizraka

From problems to our sollution iTherapyVision®

Kristalna ideja was founded with the unique task of researching, developing and applying technologies to develop advanced and alternative methods of conserving water, air and the environment, while achieving sustainable harmony between ecology, health and industry. It nurtures and supports a combination of technical, technological, engineering and program activities with artificial intelligence and smart materials. Specifically, Kristalna ideja creates and combines technologies that least pollute the environment and that contribute to the prevention of environmental disasters thanks to a system of pollutant control, purification and enrichment of the air. In order to solve the health and environmental problems of indoor spaces, Kristalna ideja in 2018 offered a completely new, proven and functional system for purifying indoor air - iTherapyVision®. iTherapyVision® is an eco-technological system with integrated SMART technology, and contains elements that can be integrated individually or completely into other air control / purification systems. Thanks to these components, health problems resulting from air pollution such as asthma, allergies, colds, headaches and others are successfully solved and alleviated. Combining these technologies, Kristalna Ideja has developed innovative products intended for the purification of indoor air in residential and commercial premises and storage facilities in the agricultural industry.