Air purifiers for home, office, hotel, spaces up to 60m2

In the last few years, air purifiers have become a must have products for households, office, offices, hotels of apartments, or for all closed spaces.

We have discovered the importance of air hygiene.

The indoor air is 2-5 times polluted than the external air and is the cause of many respiratory problems.

Air purifiers with highly effective filters significantly improve air quality indoors.

iTherapy air purification technology is a patented, world award -winning technology that successfully and safely removes:

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • allergens
  • PM2.5 particles
  • odors
  • gases
  • VOCs
  • formaldehyde

Enriches the air with:

  • negative ions
  • Vitamin C.

Informs the user about:

current air quality in space
alarm the user when to change the filter
We have implemented iTherepy technology in several air purification models.

The iTherapy model 1 is designed for premises up to 60m2, and it is installed in over 2000 offices, an office of dental medicine, apartments, households and tourist boats.

The iTherapy Model 1 air purifier is completely automated, easy to use and assemble.

air purifiers for home