Module Smart Solutions ( MSS )

  • Is name for smart tech modules which enable IoT connections, Data-to-Cloud Communication, Management, Control and Analysis

These modules are smart systems consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub controlled by the resident using wall-mounted terminal or mobile unit connected to internet cloud services.

The basic architecture enables measuring home/office/building conditions, process instrumented data, utilizing microcontroller-enabled sensors for measuring area conditions and actuators for monitoring building embedded devices.

MSS has three components: hardware, software and communication protocols. It has a wide variety of applications for the digital consumer. Some of the areas of home automation led IoT enabled connectivity, such as: air quality, monitoring, managing indoor ambient conditions as temperature, humidity, CO2, ventilation, pressure and lux level( air voice assistants,

Our MSS includes: IoT sensors, gateways, protocols, cloud computing and databases.

Our MSS system enables:

Continuous Monitoring

Timely Notification and Alerts

Centralized Management and Control

Data-to-Cloud Communication and Analysis

Productivity enhancement

Lowered operating costs

Increase profitability

Effective data-driven decision making

Get more precise information

Ensure greater consistency

Efficient public utilities

Actionable utilization insights

Create a more comfortable indoor ambience

Improve value addition and collaboration

Increase indoor safety