What is iTherapy?

The innovation platform for this product is based on World Health Organization data, which has shown that levels of organic pollutants are two to five times higher in indoor areas than in the open, regardless of whether houses are located in rural or highly industrial areas. Modern technologies applied in indoor areas use organic-containing products that accumulate in an area where elevated concentration can remain in the air long after the activity is completed.

The consequence of inadequate removal of unclean air in indoor rooms produces pollution that accounts for two million lives annually, which accounts for about 3% of all deaths and causes 2.7% of all illnesses.
The consequence of accumulation of low quality air is the creation of bad microclimate (temperature, humidity, air flow, pressure, oxygen and CO2 ratio) which, together with the common cause, cause different areas of the user's space (immunity, respiratory disease, chronic allergies, headaches, etc.). A special problem is the gas radon that houses homes daily, and in recirculated air conditions, accumulates continuously. It is estimated that between 3% and 14% of all lung cancer is caused by radon (depending on the average radon value in a particular country).

Air recycling

Air recycling, in the technology of building newer buildings, has become a technological imperative, as buildings with high performance insulation materials are embedded. This insulating performance is excellent for meeting the criteria of energy saving, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.
Dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, various chemicals and other toxins are commonly stored regularly in the house, but their amounts are "re-used", ie regular recycling of air!


Technical features

The device is configured as an independent wall unit that looks like an art picture that changes in continuity depending on the air quality in the enclosed space.

The device integrates 11 different functions to enable:

  • Measurement and detection of air parameters (amount of dust, volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity, gas radon)
  • 5-stage filtration
  • Automatic operation with software on
  • Machine learning and database
  • Alarm function

  • Transferring results to a remote location
  • Graphic display with 30-day time memory
  • Processing and modulation of air
  • Automatic interactive display: The front of the device is an image that changes depending on the air quality condition
  • Module for connecting various air purifiers within the central control unit.

Why iTherapy?

Devices that are in the market today are unfortunately not solving the problem of air purification in a complete way. All devices on the market are devices, not one is an ecological system with a built-in machine learning system that gives the device complex functions of managing the purification process as well as creating and maintaining healthy air quality. The Crystal Idea has innovated a complex ecological system that uses the method of systematic analytics, diagnostics, purification and air treatment with continuous interactive communication with its user. iTherapy is a complex and clever environmentally-friendly indoor air purification system that has the ability to machine learning.

. It contains 11 integrated technologies for measuring, detecting, dusting air, bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, volatile organic compounds, allergens and radioactive gases. All functions are connected through a control-processor unit with an installed algorithm that collects, structures, processes, transfers information and manages the operation of the device. An important function of the device is to model the climatic conditions in the room in order to obtain the best climate and air quality in space. iTherapy is a purification system that uses the method of systematic analytical, diagnostic, purification and air treatment with continuous interactive communication with its user.